Sunday, 31 December 2017

Sun update

Sun pointers was specifically set up for information about sundials and the like but is reliant of course on activities of 'the sun', a yellow dwarf star.

If you want to know more about it there are a multitude of sources with masses of information about it in clear simple terms or highly detailed complex ones.
Examples of some of these sources can be found here.
The sources were freely obtained on the Internet and those links grouped together here for convenience.
Those sources should be contacted directly with respect to any aspect of what they display as required or appropriate.

Astronomy Today
BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)
NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
Nine Planets
Space Facts

The World and imagery in it are changing.

The World and imagery in it are changing.
The way we view imagery is exponentially developing to the Nth degree - and I believe this to be in a good way.

For hundreds, "nay, thousands" of years viewing and, if possible touching art and imagery has existed.

People with imagination, particular artistic talents, certain abilities or capabilities have been producing or sponsoring the production of imagery in a phenomenally wide range of media, styles, sizes, scope and capturing the imagination and wonderment of others.

Today this is wealth of imagery and artistry is incredibly greater in depth and breadth.
Today you can see, touch, hear, feel, taste, smell and even sense it by means way beyond what was envisaged even a few years ago.

3D (3 dimensional) printing on the other side of the Earth or even off it, virtual reality inventiveness and other electronic advances are examples of how changes have come about but that is not all.
General improvements in the wealth - and not necessarily great increases but moderate improvements in disposable incomes in every country mean 'ordinary' folk have bought or visited artwork and imagery, travelled and seen things intentionally or incidentally in their travels in ways that folk in the past would not even dream of let alone image could happen.

Shakespeare once wrote words to the effect of "the World's your oyster".
With respect to imagery and art today never has this been so true.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Imagine a...

Imagine a...
Something, anything, maybe an apple, a boat on the ocean or an elaborate, artistic, complex room within an historic palace.

What do you 'see'?

Generally, loosely, you will see an apple, a boat or the room in all its glory.
Specific detail does not necessarily enter into it - nor is it needed.

Imagination is a wonderful thing but the devil is in the detail and unless you are well trained, experienced or lucky that detail will be illusive.
Having said that, more often than not it doesn't matter - it really doesn't.


Monday, 21 April 2014

Where in the World?

Location Specific Sundials

[Last updated addition 07/09/14: "Sagres, Portugal"]

Paris, France

This link to Shadow Pro a great site dedicated to sundials, shows a large number of sundials located in Paris either publicly or privately.
It shows them by location area so visitors can maximize any opportunity to view them in person.
Church of St. Eustache, 1st District, Paris, France
Source: Shadows Pro

Sagres, Portugal

This link shows a great example of a publicly accessible sundial there for all to enjoy in Sagres in the far South of Portugal displayed on the Waymarking website at that provides tools for you to catalog, mark and visit interesting and useful locations around the world.
Sagres, Portugal


This link to a Wikipedia article specifically set up to show Sundials in Switzerland.
There are multiple examples with links provided alphabetically by Canton, the administrative areas of Switzerland.
File:Ammerswil Kirchturm 154.jpg
Ammerswil Kirchturm,
Kanton Aargua, Switzerland
Source: Wikipedia

Monday, 17 March 2014

Sundial Sources - artists, creators designers and more

Sundial Sources

This post will begin a round the globe view of what is available from who and where.

[This 'Sundial Sources' post 06/09/14]

So you want to have a sundial?

Where can you find them to see?

Sundials are available to see in all countries of the world but what is publicly available will vary considerably.
Some countries where there are enthusiasts with an historic, artistic, aesthetic, engineering or perhaps simply a personal interest have logged and identified sundials throughout their countries.  There are even sundial trails - basically tourist routes which will enable a number of dials to be seen and often learn about their history, design, construction and other facts associated with them.

The Internet is a good source of information when trying to find out more about where to see sundials.
Types of location will include churches and other religious buildings, castles and fortified structures, ornamental parks and gardens, public spaces such as public squares and town or city centers, museums - especially in countries with more prolonged sunshine throughout the year, large garden centers and many other places.
See elsewhere in this blog for various examples in various places.

Where can you find them to buy them?

With so many sources all over the world, again the Internet is a great place to start to find the right source - from garden centers to artists studios and from specialist artisans to manufacturers in bulk.

Just a small sample of the great number of Internet sites
covering the creation and/or supply of sundials worldwide

What kind of price are they available from?

From a few pence/cents for a small paper dial through to whatever you want or are able to pay.
Just look at these 2 extreme examples to give an idea of the scope of difference:

sundial cut out paper
Paper sundial customised to your location on Earth

Sundial Bridge, Turtle Bay, California, USA
Conceived by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava

Who makes them?

See under "Where can you find them buy them" above.

What types of sundial are there?

There are dozens upon dozens different types and styles of sundial.
See Sundial Types and Terms

Can I influence the design?

That depends upon the designer you choose but in principle you certainly can.
Just have a chat with the designer, manufacturer or even the sales person before making a purchase.

How large are they?
As small

or as large as you like.
Sundial Bridge, Turtle Bay, California, USA

How do you decide?

That really is down to you as an individual or organisation dependent upon your need or requirements.
Is this simply for your garden as a nice feature to sit beside a bird bath?

Or could it be perhaps for a prestigious property such as a National Trust stately home in the England, Wales or Northern Ireland - or the National Trust in Scotland, maybe Australia or Italy, a Royal Oak Foundation property in the United States of America, a Parador in Spain or even a town centre or public - or private - park somewhere - anywhere in the World.

The need and the requirement will certainly help you to decide what to get - and the artists, creators, designers and manufacturers will help you with your decision.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Dials Out and About

Sundials Out and About

[Last updated addition 07/09/14: "Sundial, St Thomas's Square, Salisbury"]
You may be surprised to know just how many sundials are around - including where you live.

Unless you live in the open countryside the chances are that there will be local examples on a house - for example in Salisbury, England,

This photo of Salisbury is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Here is another example, this time on the wall of a shop that can be found quite easily on the wall above a shop window as you wander around the small lanes around the City Centre.

Sundial, St Thomas's Square, Salisbury

On the wall of a church,

On the sundial trail in Oxford [Daily Telegraph]

or perhaps in your town centre.

The Armada dial, Plymouth, England
As previously written they have been about in many forms for thousands of years and today there are a wealth and variety of types in more places than ever from the traditional locations such as on churches and within castles to private houses, gardens and public spaces.

When you are out and about sundials are not always obvious, frequently being mounted on walls at high levels, sometimes 2 or 3 stories above street level, or as what seem to be artistic objects in parks it is not always obvious what they are.

Sometimes they are hidden away in the most unexpected places - you could live near one for years without even knowing that they exist.  This may not be because they are simply too small and insignificant but because of where they are.
An example of this is the one on the roof of the International Village Mall in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Roof top sundial, Vancouver, BC, Canada
[Google Earth 150314]

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Sculpture - and Art

Sculpture - and Art

This blog post introducing outside sculpture and artistic objects (objects d'art) has been moved to its own blog Sculpture - and Art to give it a more dedicated space in which to grow.


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